Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Replica of Nelson's Trafalgar Ship on eBay

If you go to eBay often enough, eventually you will something you never realized you wanted, now want desparately so, and could never justify owning nor trying to afford.  Yesterday, that one thing appeared to me in the form of a full-scale "Replica of Nelson's Trafalgar Ship" of an eBay auction titled "Sailing Ship - HM Schooner Pickle - 97ft topsail schooner *NO RESERVE*."  It already had one bid of £69,500.00 when I saw it, so there was no bottomfeeding  on this one for me.  Anyway, my extremely limited sailing ability and the fact that the poverty line often crests above me makes this being out of my reach for the best.  Here's a pic they are running with it.

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