Monday, July 14, 2014

Media News Monday - NYT Preparing the Ghost Review, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, & Shannara

Over on the New York Times website books section, there is a new review of Preparing the Ghost by Matthew Gavin Frank.  The "book-length essay, explores Harvey’s compulsion to understand the mystery of the giant squid and also Frank’s compulsion to understand compulsions like Harvey’s. Frank is interested in both the way we mythologize what we can’t fully understand and the amount of uncertainty that surrounds every story."  Read more here.

It's been widely reported that there is a new Harry Potter story penned by J.K. Rowling and running on the Pottermore website.  The scoop is detailed on here.

If you haven't seen the new Doctor Who trailer, here you go!

There is a Shannara series in the works at MTV.  Read more here.

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