Monday, June 22, 2015

CMG Extra - "Favorite Monster Overall" Day 22 of The D&D Thirty-Day Challenge!

Day 22 - Favorite Monster Overall

This one is easy for me because I have a personal stake in this creature, the Griffin.  Although it can be spelled in a number of ways (griffin, griffon, or gryphon), I prefer using two F's and two I's.  They fly, they tear, they rend, they are animalistic and yet noble.  They make for some ferocious mounts as well.  They have been rendered artistically in many ways over the years, and a wiki page on them shows their great lineage.

Artist - Bruno Balixa

For the logo I created for Griffins & Grottos, an RPG system I have been developing for years (and, yes, the name is a homage to the top game in the field and many of it's other homages), I chose a more traditional image.  It's simple and clean and, I think, evokes a classical period of gaming (Old School?) that I like.  What do you think?

The original D&D 30-Day Challenge meme had a duplication and was a bit more edition-specific than I thought was useful for my purposes, so I made some adjustments and had some folks on the Internet give it the once-over.  Here's the result and what I will be doing through the month of June as "CMG Extras."

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