Friday, June 12, 2015

The Friday Grab Bag - Even More CMG eBay Offerings

Dozens of fresh listings this month, so have another quick peek at the Creative Mountain eBay Store here.  Maybe there is something there to make your gaming more fun!  Lots of miniatures, RPG stuff, gently-used boardgames, wargaming goods, and more.  First up, there are some Paizo products from the early Pathfinder days.  Check out the Bonus Bestiary.  And of course, what collection is complete with the trio that got Golarion started, The Kobold King series starting with the ultra-rare Hollow's Last Hope?  But there are other RPG goodies like the flavorful A Magical Society Silk Road from Expeditious Retreat Press.

Also, have a look at minis like Warmachine's Rutger Shaw or the Dragon Strike horde of Orcs, Bugbears, and Trolls.  If you're feeling particular nasty toward your players, there's always the massive Black Dragon.

Finally, don't forget to look into the corners where you'll find the tome from Chaosium highlighting Call of Cthulhu fave 1920s Masks of Nyarlathotep.  Or the classic Sanctuary board game based on the Thieves World setting.  Or maybe you just need some Reaper Master Series Paint?

There's lots for a gamer to love at the CMG eBay store here and I'll be adding more this weekend, so check back in a couple of times so your personal treasures aren't snatched from your grasp!

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