Thursday, June 18, 2015

CMG Extra - "Favorite Planar Being/Creature" Day 18 of The D&D Thirty-Day Challenge!

Day 18 - Favorite Planar Being/Creature

This one is a bit of a cheat.  Let me explain.  I have one under consideration for favorite but, if I am being honest, it is a bit of an extension of another favorite.  The one I am suggesting is the Hellhound.  "But, Mark," I hear you cry, "you already have the wolf as favorite animal and this is just another version of it, in a way."  Fair enough and true enough.  Still, I've written this one into adventures, one of which is published, and I throw these into settings in places where ever I get the chance.  It's a wonderful companion for a Fire Giant, as used in my Fighting Fire adventure, as well as a great guardian in any lava-ridden or fire based environment.  Who doesn't enjoy a nice pooch even if it can breathe flames?

Artist - Keith Curtis

For the uninitiated, Fighting Fire is an adventure I wrote to assist with the Ernie Gygax Fire Relief Fund after his tragic apartment fire a couple years ago and since expanded to help with his mounting medical bills.  It's a fine setting based adventure that allows for folks using any Medieval Fantasy system to take on a heroic deeds and thwart an evil Fire Mage before he can do more harm to the civilized region easily adapted to any campaign.  And, of course, I mention it here as a Hellhound is in use and even made the cover.  It is available here.

The original D&D 30-Day Challenge meme had a duplication and was a bit more edition-specific than I thought was useful for my purposes, so I made some adjustments and had some folks on the Internet give it the once-over.  Here's the result and what I will be doing through the month of June as "CMG Extras."

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